The Strong Accept Responsibility

The Strong Accept Responsibility

The Daily Stoic for November 12th, “The Strong Accept Responsibility”.

“If we judge as good and evil only the things in the power of our own choice, then there is no room left for blaming gods or being hostile to others.


“The buck stops here” read the sign on Harry Truman’s desk. A strong reminder of the fact that -being the president- there was nobody else to blame for stuff happening.

The Strong Accept Responsibility

We are all the architects of our lives. I firmly believe that. But accepting responsibility on everything that happens to us is easier said than done. I think we all tend to blame others instinctively. Maybe that’s a coping mechanism. Maybe it’s a way of feeling better with ourselves.

You may think that you don’t complain about your life, or your choices, but I think we all do. When I quit my job and became a freelancer first and an entrepreneur next, there were some sacrifices I needed to do. But I was willing to do them for the things I got in exchange.

Obviously, not everything is reasoned choice. There are opportunities, luck and our environment. But I honestly think nobody can complain about their boss, or needing to wake up early in the morning to get into the traffic jams, or having to pay private health insurance, or even having to take our children to school.

Because nobody needs that car, or that job, or having children.

All those things are the result of the choices we made. You, me, everyone. So I will try to remember that next time I am about to complain about something (which happens quite a lot). 🙂


Today’s Daily Stoic, “The Strong Accept Responsibility”, discusses how we should accept responsibility or, at least, not blame others for everything that happens to us. Ultimately, we are the architects of our lives.