The Daily Stoic for August 6th, “There Is Always More Room To Maneuver Than You Think”.

“Apply yourself to thinking through difficulties—hard times can be softened, tight squeezes widened, and heavy loads made lighter for those who can apply the right pressure.”

Recently, when talking about a problematic business with a wise Estonian man, he said something very interesting:

“Those who try, make mistakes, those who never try never make them”

Apart from the obvious truth in his words, there’s another one that can be read between the lines. If you never try something, you will never succeed.

There Is Always More Room To Maneuver Than You Think

It’s funny how today’s stoic absolutely relates to my day. I have an important deadline tomorrow, and I need some information to be delivered by a third person, out of my control. If that person cannot deliver in time, an absolutely stressful day awaits for me tomorrow.

So in a way, I hope that today’s excerpt turns out to be true, and there is always more room to maneuver than you think, because I could really use some of that space right now.

We have talked about things that are outside of our control before. The stoic teaching was that you should not worry about things outside your control, but try to accept what life brings you and find your way out of shitty situations. Sounds nice, but then again, I am not feeling very stoic right now. More like nervous and stressed.

So I guess I need to try to accept that tomorrow can be a disastrous day, and that I am not guilty of that if I did everything I could, which I have.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “There Is Always More Room To Maneuver Than You Think”, relates to my day. With an important deadline tomorrow depending on a third party I cannot control, it’s hard for me to find solace in Seneca’s words. I will try my best.

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