There Is Always Time

Today's Daily Haiku is a call to action for those who want to change something but think they are too old to do it now.

There Is Always Time

The Daily Haiku for March 25. There is always time.

There is always time,
to make something different,
to change who you are.

One of the most common fears of change is thinking we are too old to do something different. We've been told there is the right age to do certain things, and if we didn't take that train... well, it's gone now.

That's total bullshit. You can always change your life, what you do, who you are, your work, your country, your ideas, your friends, even your family.

You just need to take the first step and everything else will follow. You can only fail for sure if you don't take that first step. It's just your fear which is preventing you from doing it. That does not mean it's going to be easy, or guaranteed, or even successful, but you will not wonder forever what would have happened had you tried.