We All Made Choices

A Daily Haiku on the costs of freedom and separating from the things we love.

We All Made Choices

The Daily Haiku for April 27. We all made choices.

Our paths separate,
Like ripples on a blank shore.
We all made choices.

Reckoner is one of my favorite songs from Radiohead, so I took the phrase "like ripples on a blank shore" from them to illustrate today's Haiku.

The choices we make every day have consequences. The big ones, yes, but also -and specially- the sum of the small ones. Sometimes, freedom comes at a cost, and that costs means separating from a lot of stuff.

Sometimes, this separation is explicit. Those are the easiest ones, because you know they are happening beforehand. The implicit ones are the hardest. The ones you don't see, or refuse to see, or choose to ignore. Those separations start small, almost unnoticeable, but grow like ripples on a blank shore until you can no longer see the coast.