We Can Work Any Way

We Can Work Any Way

The Daily Stoic for August 2nd. “We Can Work Any Way”.

“Indeed, how could exile be an obstacle to a person’s own cultivation, or to attaining virtue when no one has ever been cut off from learning or practicing what is needed by exile?”
—MUSONIUS RUFUS, LECTURES, 9.37.30–31, 9.39.1

Today’s stoic is actually a question on how we react to bad things that happen to us. Stoicism tells us to take the best out of these difficult situations.

We Can Work Any Way

How you cope with these situations?

I usually react to them by working. I’m not sure that’s the best reaction, that’s just what I do. My mother always used to tell me: “don’t become worried, become busy”.

I think that’s a good piece of advice. Not using work to hide from your problems, of course, but working hard to fix things.

Of course, nobody’s a superman. We all need help sometimes. And that’s ok. Nobody can cope with all the problems, no matter how powerful tools -like stoicism– you have in your repertoire.

So don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. There will be a chance for you to return the favor to those who help you. Don’t expect problems to go away immediately either. Some things take time. We live in the times of instant gratification, and easy solutions. But sometimes things just don’t work that way. And that’s ok. That’s how we learn that the best things in life need their time.

Time is something really subjective. It shrinks and stretches depending on the situation. So in a way… it’s you who can change how fast it goes.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “We Can Work Any Way”, discusses how we should not fall into despair when faced with disabling turns of fate. It may be a chance for you to grow and learn.