We'll Never Grow Old

The inspiration behind today's Daily Haiku is the different perceptions of time we have as children and as adults.

We'll Never Grow Old

The Daily Haiku for Feb 25. We'll never grow old.

Gentle afternoons
we watched TV, laughed and played,
we'll never grow old.

When we are little, we are unaware of how precious time is. We spend our days going to school, playing, laughing, doing homework, watching TV... Living carelessly, like children do.

It's not until we grow old that we start to realize that time is limited. This does not come as a sudden realization, but more as an itch, a feeling, that grows throughout the years. It's the long commutes to the office and back, the endless hours spent at work, the stress and uncertainty of the business, all the things adults are supposed to do and go through even when they don't want to.

Stoicism affirms that we cannot change things outside of our control. We need to pay the bills. No matter how much you love your job, or your business, most of us need to spend time doing things that are not necessarily what we would do if we could choose.

However, what we can change is how we react to things. We can enjoy that little precious time we are left with or we can feel miserable about our lives. We can even change our lives if we want to, it is never too late.

Children don't feel that pressure, for them, the world is infinite, and time unlimited. Makes me wonder if we should focus less on what's left and focus more on simply enjoying the present.