When Everything Was Alright.

A Daily Haiku about the decisions we take in life, and how we must live the present moment and take action instead of simply yearning for the return of those happier moments.

When Everything Was Alright.

The Daily Haiku of Feb 18. When everything was alright.

Do you remember
when everything was alright?
What did we dream of?

We spend our whole childhood wishing to grow up. Then in our teens, we crave to become adults to do all the fun stuff that only adults can do.

Then, once we are adults, we wish we were young again, and as we grow older, that yearning for going back to our boyhood or childhood increases.

Experience has shown me that we are the only ones who can change our lives. This is not your "you can change your life by having positive thoughts" bullshit. I mean being courageous and taking the decisions that will change your life. Those decisions can be right or wrong, but you will never know if you don't take them and learn from them.