Working on my second book

Working on my second book

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last article (almost a month), and I am going to stay quiet for some more time, as I am focusing on writing my second book: “The decluttering project”.

The book proposes a different way of living. A simpler, more focused, less distracted, and freer lifestyle in which every object you own brings you joy or has a very specific purpose. A less wasteful existence, one with less things to worry about and more time and money to enjoy the things you love.

It is the result of the path I pursued when I decided to downsize my life to just the essential, a path I started when I became a digital nomad. You don’t need to be one to enjoy the benefits of a decluttered life, though. Everyone, from a product manager in New York to the parent of a large family in Berlin can benefit from living with less. Less stuff means less woes, less debt, and more time and space for you and the people you love.

I will keep you posted.

Stay safe.