Yearning Forever

Today's Daily Haiku follows the theme of yesterday's one: people living in the past, present or future. This time, the haiku is devoted to people living in the future... Am I one of them? Perhaps many entrepreneurs are...

Yearning Forever

The Daily Haiku for April 27. Yearning forever.

Yearning forever,
waiting for those summer days,
that never arrive.

Yesterday's Daily Haiku was devoted to people who live in the past. These people are never free from the nostalgia of their golden years. Today's Haiku is devoted to the group of people who live in the future, always yearning for something that never arrives.

Entrepreneurs are easy preys for that feeling. We sometimes live in busy lives, full of plans, and an uncertain future. Running a business is difficult, so we are always yearning for that moment when things will fall into the right places and we will finally be free.

Escaping from that trap is easier said than done. If you are an entrepreneur and are living in the present, congratulations, that probably means you made it :).