5 Years Of Micropreneur Life! 🎉

5 Years Of Micropreneur Life! 🎉

A week ago, Micropreneur Life turned 5. Happy birthday, ML!

It’s been five amazing years. This blog has been changing and evolving with me. It has been the witness and confessor of these five intense years. I have laughed, cried, and shared my story here with you. Both for altruist reasons (sharing my journey to help other micropreneurs) and for egoistic ones (as a way of catharsis).

This blog has seen the birth of my company, Companio, and its growth. It has seen me progress from a humble freelancer (after quitting my 9 to 5 job) to a solopreneur first, a startup founder next, and a full-fledged CEO in my own right finally.

Life is change

Buddhism, and the Zen philosophy, tell us that there is no such thing as “ourselves”. Not at least, as an immutable, perennial entity. You are not the same person you were one year ago. You are probably not the same person you were five minutes ago. I didn’t understand that when I was younger, I do now.

Time has been running fast. When I got the calendar notification informing me of the anniversary of Micropreneur Life, I couldn’t believe two years had passed since I was trapped in Sofia during the pandemic in 2020. Then, I realized I didn’t even write a post for the 4th birthday of this blog.

2021 has been a frantic, terrific, and difficult year, and 2022 shows no signs of being dull either. On the contrary. Every year, I have had to adapt, learn, and work hard to keep up with the changes in my life. A business is a rollercoaster where every year brings a new challenge. I have learned to enjoy the journey, but it is scary and exciting in equal parts.

You are never ready. And that’s ok. I am learning every year how little I know about everything, how humble I am, and how many mistakes I make, even when I try my best to do the right thing.

Embracing change

I feel now at the edge of another big change, and I know this one is going to be a world-shaking one for me. From business to my personal life. I can’t help but feel nervous, but after this amazing journey, after all the joy and sadness, I am ready to embrace change.

I know Micropreneur Life has been changing with me too. My posts have shifted from pragmatical to more reflective stuff. Even if I write mainly for myself, I hope I still can put out some valuable stuff for you too.

Thanks for being on this journey for me during all these years.