About Me

About Me

My name is Ignacio, I am a micropreneur and digital nomad, currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am the founder of Digital Leaves and Your Company In Estonia. I am also a senior freelance developercomposer, and blogger.

Everything you read on this blog has been written by me and it’s based on my own experiences.

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My Story

I worked as a researcher at the university, as a developer in many cubicles and offices, and as a government official for some years. All those steady, “secure” jobs left me with a feeling of emptiness inside. I was not happy.

One day, I found myself looking out of the window from my cubicle. It was Friday, 6 pm. I realized that I hated my job and my life. This feeling had been growing on me for quite some time. Looking outside, I decided I’d had enough.

Thus, on Monday, I quit. That was the best single decision of my life. I started freelancing and, soon, founding my own company and becoming an entrepreneur.

I’ve been exposed to the startup world for some time now. I enrolled at the Google Campus and the TechHub community as soon as they opened in Madrid, and sometime later, I co-founded a startup and entered the Tetuan Valley incubator.

That was a great experience for me. I met some wonderful people there and learned a lot in so many areas I had no expertise at all. However…

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The Micropreneur Lifestyle

However, I soon realized that the startup world was not for me. By that time, I stumbled upon this book by Rob Walling, “Start Small, Stay Small“. I immediately felt like it was written specifically for me.

By the time I finished the book, I knew that I was decided to become a micropreneur. Thus, I engaged in a completely different chapter of my life. I resolved to share my journey, struggles, failures, and successes in this blog.

Founding A Company In Estonia And Becoming a Digital Nomad

Around that time, I also decided to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle and travel the world, working remotely.

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As TechHub Madrid had closed its doors, but we were still members, my partner and I decided to travel to Riga -which also had a TechHub- to bootstrap our new nomadic life. I also discovered the e-Residency program, became an e-Resident and founded a company in Estonia. This company has allowed me to work remotely and do business without frontiers. Free of hassle, red tape, and the limitations of being tied to a specific country.

Then I discovered there were lots of location independent entrepreneurs like me struggling with red tape, obscure tax laws, and a business that ties them to their home countries. I decided to offer them a solution to launch and run a company they can manage online. That’s how Your Company In Estonia was born.

As a whole, this experience has changed mehas made me grow as a person and as a professional, and has given me a whole new perspective on life.

So What Do I Do Now?

Most of my time and energy now focus on Your Company In Estonia, where I help digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs join the new Digital Nation and run their business online, taking care of their company registration, accountancy, and taxes.

I also spend a lot of time blogging and writing. I love sharing my experiences and helping others realize that they can become location independent and be the owners of their lives.

Last but not least I am the founder and owner of Digital Leaves, a software development agency composed of completely remote members, specialized in mobile apps, website applications, application design and data modeling.

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