Calm Is Contagious

Calm Is Contagious

The Daily Stoic for June 20th. “Calm Is Contagious”.

“If then it’s not that the things you pursue or avoid are coming at you, but rather that you in a sense are seeking them out, at least try to keep your judgment of them steady, and they too will remain calm and you won’t be seen chasing after or fleeing from them.”

Great advice in today’s stoic excerpt. That “calm is contagious” is actually a maxim that Navy SEALs pass to one another. Especially during a conflict or war situation, you need to trust the person in charge. It’s the job of the lieutenant to instill confidence in their soldiers, and the duty of a boss to inspire trust in his or her team.

Calm Is Contagious

I would say this applies to us, micropreneurs and solopreneurs. As the only one in charge of our businesses, our job is to inspire trust in our abilities, skills, and the viability of our businesses.

That’s especially true when talking to customers, leads and potential partners. Your attitude and the feeling you are transmitting to others can completely change the outcome of a crucial meeting or agreement.

All businesses are risky, and all situations have difficulties. That’s vox-populi. But you need to let others know that you are in charge of the situation and willing to face any problem.

This is not to be confused with arrogance or haughtiness. If you are a freelance developer, for example, and get asked to lead a very difficult product that has some important technical challenges, you have to be realistic and analyze the viability of the project from an objective perspective.

However, you need to transmit the image that you really know what you are doing, and whatever your final decision -viable or not-, you will do your best to make it work for the customer.

In my mind, that’s where the big difference is.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “Calm Is Contagious”, discusses how our attitude, being calm and inspiring confidence and trust, can have a deep influence on the outcome of many situations.