Colliding Forces

Is history a pendulum? Are we doomed to stay always in a precarious equilibrium between two clashing groups? Today's Daily Haiku tries to answer this question.

Colliding Forces

The Daily Haiku for March 9. Colliding forces.

Colliding forces,
history's a pendulum,
east, west, cold war's back?

If we accept that history is a pendulum, not an upward path, it is easy to see we're now in backward motion. Brexit and Trump were just the symptoms of the raise of populism to stardom everywhere. Fake news, anti-vaxxers, anti 15-minute cities protesters, conspiracy theories... Few developed countries have escaped from them.

We were supposed to have learned something after WWII and the Cold War. But here we are, hearing about nuclear weapons and the return of the cold war again.

Technology has proven to be just a tool, not the mankind saver some people expected it to be. People are more interested in using technology to appear 20 years younger on a TikTok video than to solve our global problems. It is not going to save us, because we are not applying it were we should.

Somehow we seem to have been designed to clash, to split in an impossible equilibrium between two groups. East and west, left and right, white and black, Cain and Abel, conservatives and progressives, libertarians and authoritarians, us and them. Colliding forces.