Living Life On Your Own Terms

The first Daily Haiku of April, month devoted to freedom, sets the tone for the whole month.

Living Life On Your Own Terms

The Daily Haiku for April's Fool, April 1. Living life on your own terms.

Spirited and free,
living life on your own terms,
heart and soul ablaze.

This month's Daily Haikus are devoted to freedom, and I wanted to start with a general haiku about freedom, and living life on your own terms.

Ten years ago, I took a brave decision. I decided that I was not happy in my perfect life with my stable job and my well-defined career. I was feeling miserable. So I quit my job, became a freelancer first, then an entrepreneur, and finally a digital nomad.

During these ten years, I have traveled to lots of different countries. I have learned a lot. I am a completely different person now that I was a decade ago.

It's not always been an easy road. I've found myself in some pretty fucked-up situations. When you are on your own, you have to figure out how to keep on going on your own. Traveling also tests every aspect of your life, from your career, your beliefs, your relationship or marriage, your friends and family, everything.

That's why I appreciate so much the freedom I enjoy. I defend it fiercely, and won't change it for anything. Freedom is something personal for me. And I don't mean here freedom to own a gun and kill others, or the freedom of spending your life commuting from point A to point B inside a car. I am talking about the real, individual freedom to lead your life your way, with its benefits, compromises, and drawbacks, as much as the limitations of the country you are in allow you.