It's Alright Today

Today's Daily Haiku started as a lullaby for cloudy days and ended up being a manifesto against the mainstream culture :).

It's Alright Today

The Daily Haiku for Jan 26. It's Alright Today.

Shades of white and grey,
Cover the skies, moving fast
It's alright, today.

When I was a teenager, I didn't like dancing (I still don't like it). It puzzled me how, for most people, dancing was the epitome of having fun - let's go dancing!. My friends used to be people who would rather sit on a table to play Dungeons & Dragons or go to a concert of indie music than getting into a disco (yep, today you would probably call us geeks!). Especially because at the disco you would be hearing lame Spanish music from the 80's or the "Barbie girl" disco hits that were popular at the end of the 90's, beginning of the 00's. Yuck!

Perhaps I liked the idea of being against the mainstream (does that make me a snob? :). I've always argued that radios don't broadcast mainstream music because people like it, but the other way around. People like mainstream music because there's nothing else. Listening to "different" music is not easy in the times of passive listening.

Western societies worship certain things: money, beauty, youth, partying, fame, dance, hip hop, and pop (not that depressing experimental stuff), blockbusters, the beach.

"Cloudy days are bad, sunny days are good".

But it is ok to like weird stuff. Or to hate dancing. It is ok to love cloudy days as much as sunny ones. It is ok to not fit in the mold. Just be yourself, but not by buying a pair of Adidas sneakers. Enjoy your cloudy day!