The Daily Stoic for November 29th, “You Are Going To Be Ok”.

“Don’t lament this and don’t get agitated.”


Have you ever gone to bed thinking that there was something wrong? Nothing concrete that you can identify in your mind. But there it is … that little buzz inside your ear and that awkward feeling down your throat. I certainly have. 

You Are Going To Be Ok

Today’s stoic meditation is certainly “ambitious” from the point of view of what it’s asking the reader: “If we’re Stoic, there is one thing we can be sure of: whatever happens, we’re going to be OK.”.

Without going for the worst case scenario, it’s true that most of the times, our doubts and fears are unfounded. And we always have more margin for maneuver than we think

But while everything’s clear and bright during the day, there’s still that dreaded moment, at night, when you are alone, writing in front of your computer, and you can’t help but feel restless. When no stoic words could bring you consolation. When you can’t find solace on your favorite song, or your favorite quote, your lover, or your father, or your best friend.

It’s those moments when “You are going to be Ok” sounds so much as a lame B-movie catchline from the hero. What do you do during those moments? Perhaps going to bed and waiting for the warmth of dawn to bring a new perspective to your thoughts and feelings?

Perhaps that’s a wise idea… Good night.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “You Are Going To Be Ok”, should come as an easy sentence to agree to. But sometimes it’s just not easy. Some days, it’s not that clear.

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