That Sacred Part Of You

That Sacred Part Of You

The Daily Stoic for March 16th. “That Sacred Part Of You”:

“Hold sacred your capacity for understanding. For in it is all, that our ruling principle won’t allow anything to enter that is either inconsistent with nature or with the constitution of a logical creature. It’s what demands due diligence, care for others, and obedience to God.”

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I had one of those hard days where nothing seemed to work, no matter how hard I tried.

Being an entrepreneur and the boss of your own company sounds like a liberation, and it certainly is. However, when things go wrong, there’s no safety net. If business is slow, or your project doesn’t quite takes off, you are under a lot of pressure.

I have talked about fear before in the context of quitting your job and pursuing your dreams. However, you are never completely immune to anxiety, doubt or woes, specially when you are a solopreneur. I think all entrepreneurs go through this sooner or later.

That Sacred Part Of You

However, today’s stoic contains a sentence that changed my state of mind:

“Seriously—what you take for granted, others wouldn’t even think to dream of.”

Reading this, I realized how much I take for granted when instead I should be grateful every day.

I travel the world as a digital nomad, and work on things that inspire me, things I am passionate about. I am married and share my journey with the person I love, and I am lucky enough to be the owner of my life.

Apart from being blessed with the ability to reason and and use logic, as today’s stoic suggests, I think I need to remember how much I enjoy life every time I feel down like yesterday. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that.


After yesterday’s bleak reflections, today’s stoic made me realize how lucky I am for being able to be the owner of my life, travel the world and work on things that inspire me. That’s a blessing we usually take for granted, but should remember more often.