We Were Made For Each Other

We Were Made For Each Other

The Daily Stoic for October 28th, “We Were Made For Each Other”.

“You’ll more quickly find an earthly thing kept from the earth than you will a person cut off from other human beings.”


No matter how much of an introvert we think we are. We are social animals. We need each other. Social media has been exploiting that for years now. But today I would like to talk about our need of engage socially with others in person, instead of on Facebook.

Concurring with today’s stoic meditation, I would like to talk to you about something that happened to me just some days ago, that made me definitely avoid any future use of social networks.

We Were Made For Each Other… Right?

I have talked before about why I dislike social media. From a practical point of view, social networks are procrastination rabbit holes that only serves to waste your time. From the human point of view, these platforms isolate and polarize us, instead of bringing us together.

So yeah, my views on social media are quite clear, specially about Facebook. However, for the post on how to monetize your blog, I needed a picture of the Madrid Blogger Network group, and I could only contact them via Facebook to ask for it.

So I accessed Facebook again and had a look at the group. Some people were asking interesting questions, so I innocently commented to share my points of view and experiences on certain things.

After all, I shared some good times with that group some years ago, so maybe it would be nice interacting once a week or so…

Long story short, I ended up trying to discuss rationally with some guys that were attacking me without even knowing me. I came to the conclusion that there are lots of Quijotes on social media waiting for a comment where they can spot -or forge if it’s not there- the slightlest indication of injustice or unfairness to turn windmills into giants and fight against them. They are the avengers of our time.

I’m Getting Too Young For This

And it was such an exhausting experience. I realized how easy it was for me to fall into this trap and genuinely try to discuss something rationally with these people. We are not talking about who has the truth here -as I don’t believe anyone possess the truth, specially not me- but a mere enrichening exchange of opinions. Respectful and drama-free.

And yeah, I know internet is full of trolls, and that kind of stuff is normal, and no big deal. I mean, you just ignore them and continue using those platforms to interact and discuss with others.

But the problem is that those platforms are not encouraging rational, healthy and enrichening discussions. They are promoting confrontation, arguments and flame wars. Because obviously that means more engagement, comments and likes… And more revenue from ads.

And it was such a waste of time and energy… I found myself trying to understand the reasons behind some hatred comment or a personal attack just for a divergence of opinions. Thinking about that while having a beer with my husband instead of enjoying that dinner… And it was just two days worth of it… I can’t imagine using Facebook or Twitter regularly.

I understood more than ever other stoics such as “You don’t have to stay on top of everything” or “You don’t have to have an opinion“.


Today’s Daily Stoic, “We Were Made For Each Other”, discusses our nature as social animals. Today I decided to share a recent experience with social media that convinced me of definitely staying away from it.

Will I become a social pariah and then go against my human nature? I hope not. I would like to think that there’s social interaction beyond social media.